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Ksp was established to make everyday gestures simple and improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility by studying the design and marketing of relaxation chairs, stair lifts, walkers and health furniture.

For 25 years, Ksp has been meeting strict international standards and certifications: human factor, innovation, people and safety are the values that guide the company to success.
K-Home is KSP’s line dedicated to relaxation chairs. A fusion of shapes, colors, experiences and research. The perfect alchemy between interior design and relaxation needs. The new K-Home collection is the beginning of a new journey, building on KSP’s techniques and 25 years of experience while embracing the essential linearity of contemporary interior design.
K-Mobility offers a wide range of electric wheelchairs and scooters to improve mobility and ensure maximum customer autonomy. K-Mobilty’s products are easily customized in all their components: seat width, seat depth, backrest inclination and armrest height.
K-Care is Ksp’s line designed to improve the quality of rest and customer needs, giving a little big support to those who need health care items such as anti-decubitus mattresses or adjustable beds.

With the primary goal of enabling the patient to move, get out, get up, rest and live effortlessly, Ksp’s K-Care offers a wide range of products dedicated to all needs.

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