Doctor Daniele Palmeri

Helping people and firmly believing: the role of the pharmacist for Dr. Palmeri

Dr. Daniele Palmeri was clear from the start what his professional role would be: to help people find the right product to get better. That’s why he began his journey as a pharmacist by graduating from the Biological High School and majoring in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology. Palmeri is a firm believer in his role and has been working steadily on it, first obtaining top honors during his studies and later working in several pharmacies in northern Italy. From all these experiences, the desire to open their own parapharmacy was born, first in Arquata Scrivia and then online, in order to be of support to as many people as possible.

Also helping in the world of orthopedics

It was just after the opening of the Parapharmacy that, with his wife (Dr. Repetti, also a pharmacist), Doctor understood even better the needs of his customers. Thus was born, from the desire to meet the needs of customers, the specialization in orthopedics. Assisted by an orthopedic technician, Dr. Palmeri began offering his clients the best orthopedic items. A choice that will turn out to be apt, so much so that in a short time they will also be able to make custom-made orthotics and braces-the best for people’s health. Thus was born the Parapharmacy Orthopedics Dr. Palmeri.

Honest and transparent, always

In addition to always believing in his role as a pharmacist, Dr. Palmeri has always kept his goal clear: to be supportive of people in finding the ideal product to stay well.

Therefore, there have always been two values guiding Dr. Palmeri Orthopedic Parapharmacy, and they are unavoidable: being transparent with the customer and being honest in price.

Counseling first

Transparency and honesty are not random or obvious words. These are the guidelines that make Dr. Palmeri’s reality unique. Not only that, these are two words that Doctor himself often repeats on the phone with his clients. Because the great strength of Parapharmacy and Orthopedics is human contact, “I like to talk to people,” says Palmeri, “and that’s the only way to find the right product.”

Customers who call from all over Italy are followed as if they were actually in the store. The team’s expertise is transformed into useful information for purchasing the most suitable product: only then will the customer be satisfied; and if the most suitable product is just not available, transparency is absolute. What matters is customer satisfaction.

The customer is satisfied and healthy

For Dr. Palmeri, customer satisfaction means solving the problem in the first place. Added to this is the desire to find the solution at the lowest possible cost and with the perfect product for that specific need.

Here is where the interview becomes crucial, for example, to find the right size, to get a suggestion on the use of the product, or to receive information on the quality of the manufacturer.

Just to always be of help and to as many people as possible, Dr. Palmeri acquired the certificate of specialized stairlift technician. So it can also give support to companies and organizations that want to break down architectural barriers. A testament to the fact that passion, tenacity and love for others are needed in orthopedics. Three qualities that Dr. Palmeri and his team do not lack.

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