What are Track Stairlifts for the Disabled


The crawler stairlift for the disabled is a very practical device, designed to carry wheelchairs and strollers of all kinds, it allows a person who cannot walk, to go up and down stairs easily overcoming architectural barriers.

It is much safer than the wheelchair stairlift because the weight of the load, which includes the weight of the disabled person and the wheelchair, is discharged onto the staircase. Therefore, the operator who has to carry out the transport makes less effort; moreover, he or she does not have to hold the wheelchair in balance while ascending and descending the ladder.

The prices of tracked stairlifts for the disabled also reflect the differences in the level of comfort for the passenger, the degree of safety in transportation, the load capacity, and the maneuverability of the stairlift itself.

Used handicap stairlifts that are not guaranteed or of low quality are not recommended, as they may not offer the necessary stability and quality that such a product should have.

Features of track stairlifts for the disabled

Track stairlifts for the disabled are battery-operated electric lift systems equipped with all the devices required by current regulations. They are designed to ensure all safety standards and to be disassembled and transported easily.

There is an LED light that indicates when the battery level is too low and you need to proceed with recharging, this is done using the included cable that is connected to the power outlet and the built-in charger.

All models of crawler stairlifts are equipped with adjustable safety belts and a key switch that allows only authorized persons to use them. There is also a padded headrest that allows wheelchair users to position themselves comfortably during transport.

There may be additional accessories that are useful to meet various needs for transporting wheelchairs, chairs, and other aids for the elderly and disabled.

The maximum load capacity of the mobile crawler stairlift can be up to 150 kg when fully loaded, all depending on the model required, while the maximum inclination that can be overcome is 35°, or 70% incline.

The stairlifts tracked wheelchair lifts for the disabled are easy to use and can be maneuvered without particular effort even in a small space. They are the ideal solution for those who cannot have the installation of a fixed stairlift or for those who want to save money by breaking down architectural barriers.

Prices of tracked stairlifts for the disabled

In the category of stairlifts for the disabled, mobile crawler stairlifts are the most economical solution, in part because of the much simpler structure than fixed stairlifts that require installation.

For example, among the best products on the market we have the KSP SHERPA N900 crawler stairlift and Antano LG 2004 basic indicated for non-ambulatory people who need to move on various floors within buildings lacking equipment such as elevators, lifts and fixed stairlifts.

This tracked stairlift has a metal frame and is manually driven by the operator, moves on rubber tracks, and has a drawbar for driving with the wheelchair attachment. There are also control and emergency buttons on the tiller for safe operation.

DC drive and powered by rechargeable battery with LED charge indicator. The cost of this handicap stairlift is deductible as a medical device. In addition, with the purchase of KSP SHERPA N900, you receive a 200€ gift certificate to use on our website orthopediapalmeri.it.

As a reminder, crawler stairlifts for the disabled and elderly are manufactured in accordance with Directive 93/42 CE and other national and EU directives. They are classified as class 1 medical devices.

In addition, there are tax breaks and deductions for disabled stairlifts of up to 50 percent, based on the requirements found in Law No. 13/89, concerning the removal of architectural barriers.

Dr. Palmeri
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