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The Sherpa N957 is the track stairlift from the Ksp that stands out from others
in its category because with new electronics that characterize the machine making it even more reliable, it has extreme ride comfort with soft stops and starts and a new simple and intuitive control panel.

It has a built-in self-diagnosis system of the machine and constant information for assisted driving of the vehicle.
It is also equipped with an emergency stop button and seat belt. The Sherpa N957 is equipped with 2 motorized wheels that can be activated when maneuvering directly from the drawbar, providing the machine with great agility when maneuvering on the flat.


Find out how it works:


All-new electronics in the service of safety and ease of use. The display in the control panel allows its constant monitoring of the machine to ensure safety during its operation.

Messages in the display guide and assist the operator to ensure proper use of the vehicle in safety and simplicity. Audible and visual messages with descriptions in the interactive display alert the operator for proper driving of the vehicle and assist him at every stage by pointing out any maneuvering errors.

The machine is constantly monitored and any critical issues or malfunctions are promptly reported in the display.

Visual messages and audible alarms make it extremely safe to use:

– Low battery alarm, motion inhibited.
– Visual and audible alarm for low battery level.
– Excessive load signal.
– Excessive slope, audible signal.
– Negative tilt, anti-tilt sound signal.
– Excessive motor absorption check; if the machine enters
in collision with an obstacle, the device blocks the motion in
that direction and takes only reverse motion commands.
– Display message: “obstacle, reverse direction.”
– Functions inhibited with battery charger inserted.
– Acoustic alarm active during caster maneuvers
additional lowered.
– Stand-by after 5 minutes of inactivity and audible alarm every 30
Some mechanical modifications have been made to the new Sherpas
To further improve the safety of the machine:
– Battery pole protection.
– Self-resetting internal fuse protection.
– Machine bottom protection.
– Elimination of side openings.
– Rudder contact protection.”


Sherpa crawler stairlifts are suitable for non-ambulatory individuals who need to traverse flights of stairs in buildings without suitable equipment.

They are therefore suitable for overcoming architectural barriers. They consist of a metal structure moving on rubber tracks, equipped with a drawbar for guiding and anchoring a wide range of wheelchairs.

Technical Data

– Maximum step height: 23 cm

– Minimum staircase width: 80 cm

– Minimum maneuvering space: 97 x 97 cm

– Capacity 130 kg.

– In addition to the features of the N955 model, Sherpa N957 is equipped with 2 motorized wheels that can be activated during maneuvering directly from the helm

– Driven by irreversible gearmotor and control
Electronic with soft start and stop functionality.

– Automatic self-locking system of the vehicle in case of
emergency or power failure.

– Maximum surmountable slope: 70% equal to 35°.

– Power supply: 24 VDC electronically controlled.

– Running quietness: elimination of clamp-type noises at the
starting and stopping (no contactors).

– Ride comfort: soft starts and stops, no vibration.

– Safety: the adoption of electronic and mechanical expedients
ensure a high level of overall safety.

– Maintenance: wear parts are easy to
replacement due to easy access and connectivity
Of the electrical system.

– Design: modern and functional.

– Quality: the control standards applied to the production process
guarantee high product quality.

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Track Stairlift - KSP Sherpa N957

2.580,004.100,00 (-37%)

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