The electric freight stairlift


Not everyone has an elevator inside the home and, often, one finds oneself having to carry very large weights upstairs in the house.

How to overcome this problem?

Many people are led to think that a stairlift means only an aid for transporting the disabled. Instead, there are two categories of electric stairlifts:

  • The electric freight stairlift
  • The electric stairlift for people with disabilities

Here we will delve into the electric freight stairlift, dwelling on the peculiarities of this useful support.

Let’s find out what this is all about in the next few lines.

The advantages of the freight sigh stairlift

Electric freight stairlifts have so many advantages, the first among them being no need to strain to load products manually. Consider, for example, a washing machine that needs to be placed on the upper floor of a building or villa: it would require as many as two people to carry it!

But what is the most popular model of electric freight stairlift? Definitely the electric crawler stairlift.

The electric crawler stairlift is classified as a means of transportation, consisting of a frame and two tracks, designed to transport goods on stairs of all kinds.

But how does this very useful machine work?

The electric crawler stairlift, in addition to having a motor that allows the transport of heavy material on the stairs, is easily maneuverable and is not cumbersome for the person carrying it.

It is important to note that the crawler freight stairlift is intended for transporting heavy objects, but it should not be confused with the stairlift for disabled people. The latter is a stand that has a whole range of special features, in structure and motor, that have nothing to do with the squeaky goods stairlift.


The features of the Donkey electric stairlift

The Donkey electric stairlift is the ideal tool for transporting goods inside private homes, businesses and any place where there are stairs.

The brand is characterized as a benchmark in the stairlift trade, so it is a real guarantee.

The Donkey electric freight stairlift allows up to 180 kg and can climb up to 1,200 steps with a reserve of 40 steps.

It is an indispensable product for both industries of all kinds and for domestic use. With the electric stairlift, it becomes much easier to transport furniture, building materials and any other heavy objects.

To recap, the Donkey electric freight stairlift is a really useful machine for delivering bulky materials such as heavy furniture items, construction materials, carrying oxygen cylinders, and anything that needs to be delivered that is very bulky so that you don’t have to deliver heavy loads by hand.

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