On ORTOPEDIAPALMERI.IT it is possible for some items to take advantage of subsidized VAT equal to 4% according to the criteria of Law No. 104 of 05/02/1992.

Follow these simple instructions to complete the purchase process:

To do so, simply follow these simple steps:

❖ Choose your item – Products with 22% VAT that are eligible for 4% reduced VAT are all included in the category “Orthopedics → Products with 4% Reduced VAT.”
Some items that already have 4% VAT by default, such as some lifts or wheelchairs, you will find them in the corresponding categories, and purchase is possible without requiring additional documentation;

Attach certification – Once the item is identified, you are asked to attach in the appropriate field the disability statement in PDF format certifying 100% disability issued by the ASL commission at this point you can proceed to the next steps to finish the purchase;

❖ Invoicing The invoice will be in the name of the person holding the disability certificate and will be sent electronically

If you have any questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact our phone numbers!

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